Australian Heat, Plastic Bags, Quad biking through the Bush - Western Australia Road Trip: Part 2

August 18, 2011
Australia, Western Australia, Kalbarri
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The second day we find ourselves separated further from Perth and are welcomed with a blazing heat in Port Denison. The sun is notably a lot hotter today and shortly after stepping out of the car, we're drenched in a nice layer of sweat.

Pete decides this is an excellent opportunity to jump into the crystal clear water, all to quickly scramble back onto the rocks due to a fear of imaginary killer ocean fish. The whole endeavour leaves me with a lot of tedious censoring work for this week's video, as his choice of swimwear was rather unfortunate. Of course, you think I could've dropped the entire clip, but what other chance do I get to stare at Pete's crotch for half-an-hour? With a good excuse as to why...

The most beautiful thing that ever gets me sued

Being as tempting as it was, and me being as weak as I am when it comes to resisting temptation, I filmed a plastic bag dancing in the wind. Quite the shame that it lunged itself into a small bush causing it to stop dancing but, nothing a little persuasion doesn't fix.

My failing to keep up with the bag aside, I think it turned out nice enough to get me sued, or at least to get the video flagged. Fingers crossed of course that neither of those things happen.


Mr. Kidswatter was totally right about gazebos. Even though, when he found out what they actually are, he quickly dismissed them as useless. No... gazebos are amazing things. You can sit under them, cut cheese under them, play guitar under them, eat under them, pretty much anything you've ever wanted to do underneath something, you can do that with a gazebo!

With a poor attempt of preparing mince meat on a plate barbecue and Yves' amazing theme music for any situation, the caravan park in Northhampton provided us with hours of gazebo fun and entertainment.

Quad biking through the bush

Way to expensive and at the time, the biggest financial mistake of the whole trip but, worth it in the end. There is unfortunately not a whole lot of good video footage covering this so, you'll have to take my word for it: it was awesome.

Going through such a desolate and warm enviousness is unlike anything I'd ever seen before that. Out in the middle of the bush you can see the Australia that you always see on TV. "Proper Australia" some would tell you. Of course, that's not how it works. Australia is an vast and very diverse country, containing almost every type of climate and landscape.

But, yes... in the middle of the bush in Western Australia, that's quite something indeed. Nothing but red sand and bush till the horizon. Stunning landscape. (We'll get more stunning landscape action in the next video when we go in to Kalbarri National Park with the car)

And of course, in the end... with the breakneck speeds we made and the red sand flying everywhere Pete and myself ended up... black. Not red, quite surprisingly but, black. Dirty.. dirty... black.

Kalbarri: You'll love it

This is the tag line the tourist information was using on their leaflets and posters. There was more to see of Kalbarri, in fact big parts of Kalbarri National Park is accessible by car. We venture to that on day 4... in next week's video....

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  • Port Denison
  • Bonnie in Port Denison
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  • Quad Biking
  • Quad Biking
  • Quad Biking
  • Quad Biking
  • Quad Biking
  • Gazebo fun in Northhampton
  • Gazebo fun in Northhampton
  • Pretty lights in Kalbarri
  • Pretty lights in Kalbarri


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