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June 09, 2010
Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
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Oh hello there! Long time no see! Well, not really but, seeing as a couple of days ago I mentioned that I would write one tomorrow (relative to that day of course), I think it's fair to say that this little entry is a little overdue.

You might think that I haven't been writing that much (or at all) because I've been busy doing all sorts of crazy and awesome things. Part of that thought, not all of it, most of it though, is completely wrong.

I've had a lot of problems trying to upload the videos to YouTube. Either the internet was too slow, the connection kept dropping (which is bad in the middle of a video upload) or uploading is just blocked all together. But that's all in the past now, the videos are up and you can find them distributed along the previous entries here on Just Like Ed or on the Just Like Ed Adventures YouTube channel. If you have a YouTube account, you can subscribe to the Just Like Ed Adventures channel and get notified every time I upload a new video.

Previous entries, now containing the videos: Day 1: It's raining in Singapore, dammit!; Day 2: Monopoly money, alien sun and dangerous roads.; Day 3 - 6: How doo you zoo?; Day 20 (Solar Equation bonus vid): Let the sun shine.

Also quite important, I've properly annotated all videos now. Annotations are the little bubbles of text that appear during the video, providing additional comments and/or links to other videos. So even if you've already seen some videos, go rewatch them and, check out the annotations! For all new videos I'll try to put up the annotations right as the video is uploaded, although that's kinda difficult, as YouTube might take a while to process the videos.

So, as part of a government initiative to get more people to move out into to the fresh air and start a new and awesome life contributing to Australia's agricultural workforce a few decorative cows turned up near Melbourne's City Square. In addition to the cows, two exciting Aussie blokes tried to sell life on the farm giving each other complements as "it's a real pleasure to have you here" half a dozen times and shouting some statistics about the wonderful products that Victoria produces. The cows were by far the most interesting part of the whole deal.

Next to all the internet challenges and cows, I have mostly been reading up on the rest of the east coast of Australia, finding out where to go next. I intend to part with Melbourne either by the end of this week or the next. I've been here for almost a month, seen all the cool things (except for the Aquarium still, which I intend to visit tomorrow, June 10th), got my swerve on a decent amount of times, met the cool people, met the... other people, got kicked out of a bar and, ate lots of free pasta.

Wait, what was that about a bar? That's a long story involving: a particular dance move, some girls, an overcompensating bouncer, Justin Bieber and the State of Victoria. It may sound very exciting and perhaps even alarming (although the Justin Bieber part tends to throw people off) but, I can assure you that I'm making it sound far more interesting than it actually was. Nobody got hurt, except maybe for the bouncer's ego and let's just say I'm not going back to that bar, for political reasons. This story is covered more elaborately in a video that you can go and check out... if it ever gets uploaded. I'll be sure to put a link up here, when it does.

Be sure to check the 4 available videos, if you haven't already, they cover day 1 to 7 and, a bonus video covering Solar Equation on day 20. I've got a 4th (perhaps in 2 parts) video in production covering everything else that happened, and a little walk around Melbourne... and there will be a video featuring my visit to the Melbourne Aquarium. I'm not still used to vlogging my days, I constantly forget to take a camera with me and even when I do have a camera  with, I somehow get caught up in just doing stuff and forget to film it.  Maybe I'll get better one day for now, ya'll'd better make due with what you're getting.

Up next for me: more planning on where to go next, make the arrangements and pack my things. Even though I already have a route sorta mapped out, suggestions on what I should see, or where I could go are always welcome.

Complaints can of course also be sent to me by any means available, which you will find underneath the search box, at the top right of every page.

Love ya, bye!

Photos, videos and other media

  • Stwawbewwy cow
  • Cow with identity issues
  • Floral cow
  • Floral cow, exciting angle
  • Melbourne's Flinders Street Station
  • Hallway on level 4 of Greenhouse
  • Painting, in hallway, on level 4
  • Spire of Victorian Arts, as viewed from the staircase at Greenhouse
  • View of the street below, from the staircase at Greenhouse
  • Uploading videos... mostly waiting, actually.


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