It's okay! I know a doctor! She just can't drive...

November 07, 2010
Australia, Victoria, Peterbourough
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This took a while to write... well not really. It just took me ages to get around to it. And especially the editing and uploading of the video was a challenge, time wise. But it is here now! This all transpired on August 14th of 2010.

The Greenhouse, much like any other hostel (or as they French tend to call it: ze bak'pak'irs, which actually sounds like a posh Klingon word) is a place where a lot of people get very drunk with complete strangers and follow the course by planning road road trips with said strangers. Particular in Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road is high on the list of road trips, together with Phillip Island and other stuff... Of course I have already done the Great Ocean Road with Tony, as demonstrated in this entry.

Pete and Camilla had on the other had not experienced the wonders and magic of the Great Ocean Road just yet. Seeing as Pete is a young child (at 18 years of age) and would pay a fortune in insurance when renting a car and Camilla is a doctor without a license (drivers license that is... although...), neither of them had the ability to get a car and hit the road.

Rather than taking the coach trip to the Great Ocean Road I volunteered to join them on the trip and be the designated driver (on paper, anyway) I know I've already seen the Great Ocean Road but, I don't mind seeing that scenery again and most of all, having a fun drive.

Unfortunately, seeing as this is the second time that I've done the Great Ocean Road, there's not a lot of new stuff to mention. With the exception of a lot of fun and giggles, high-fives and some indecent exposure (caught on camera but, not on YouTube).... of course.

The next entry will be following quite shortly seeing as I already have the video edited. It's also something I haven't done before so... exciting stuff!


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