Kangaroos in the snow

September 02, 2010
Australia, Victoria, Mt. Buller
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There's nothing like Melbourne weather, as the locals would tell you, there are four seasons in one day. Of course this is completely irrelevant when this entire entry is about Mt. Buller, which shares nothing with Melbourne, with the exception of both being in Victoria. And somehow it hopefully makes a nice segway into talking about snow instead of rain, as I'd normally would.

Trying to make cliffhangers is pretty difficult when you don't take it into account prior to shooting the videos, which is why almost everybody already guessed that I went to the snow, after seeing the "sneak peek" in the previous entry's video. Oh well, you ruined your own fun, it's not my fault that you all had to play the role of smart ass.

Mt. Buller was a pretty fun day trip, even if it was a little short, it was a lot of fun to be on a board again. It has been a while since the last time I road a board so, as always, a little rusty start but, a pretty smooth finish. Plenty falling on my ass, flopping the board across flat sections and riding into an area without snow. Of course, in my defense, having only gone to places in Europe for snow, I'd never really seen any mountain with large pieces of dirt in the middle of a piste (run). That's the Aussie charm of the mountain I guess.

None of these awfully embarrassing things ruined my time though, they just made for much more interesting video and a few good laughs.

Along with me on this day trip were Laura and Pete. Laura had never boarded before but, of course very eager to learn and Pete, a qualified snowboard instructor (although I've yet to see any proof of this, I think he's as much a snowboard instructor as I am a doctor, which I totally am) in smashing yellow boarding trousers. Having never taught a class, Pete tried out his recently acquired instructor qualifications on poor Laura, starting with the basics of breaking, turning, falling down and taking it up the butt. It's very important to not take it in the face... that hurts. Don't worry, Laura took an actual boarding lesson on the mountain after Pete's skillful instructions had ended.

I do wish I made more videos but, it is actually quite complicated to point the camera at things while you're going down a mountain at a reasonable speed. Especially when you're me, I'm generally more worried about the camera's wellbeing than my own. Also the Flip I'm using doesn't have a wide-angle lens, which makes for pretty limited shots, especially when filming yourself at arms length.

Our trip to Mt. Buller was ages ago, on the 7th of August, actually. I know, I know, that's almost exactly a month ago! Just like the 10th video, for this video and entry I was missing the "closing monologue" and it took me a while to get around to shooting. But, I did now, and here it is.

This Saturday I am actually going snowboarding again! With a bigger group of people (about 8 of us) at Mt. Baw Baw. Silliest mountain name... ever. But all is good, it's about 4°C out there now with just under a meter of snow, I reckon it'll be awesome.

For this trip I shall attempt to shoot even more riding footage and some real vlogging as well. I haven't been doing proper vlogging for a while, I just seem to film random things. Not necessarily bad but, it doesn't make really good watchable videos.

Love ya!

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