On the road to Byron Bay!

May 19, 2011
Australia, New South Wales, Newcastle
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Concocted in the minds of Jodie and Rhiannon, a plan was devices in the fall of 2010 to drag some Greenhouse long tremors to the beaching destination of Byron Bay during the Christmas season. After all, if you can't spend Christmas with your family, spend it with your friends.

With Jodie, Rhiannon... and a little later Sean... already in Byron Bay, Yves, Tim, Nat and myself drove up from Melbourne in a rented Holden. Sean was originally supposed to come with us in the car but ended up flying instead for secret reasons.


Canberra is the city that contains all things boring and yet, keep itself exciting by legalising pot, prostitution, pornography and phireworks. The four big P's in anyone's life, really.

We stopped off for the night in Canberra and stayed at the lovely YHA. After a brekkie at the local Pancake Parlour (lovely!) we went to see Old Parliament House, Parliament House and the Australian War Memorial. As you can imagine, the former two are mostly just buildings. The War Memorial was a better sight to see, though I didn't film to much of that.


Our second night was spent in Newcastle. Also at a YHA but, this time near the beach. This particular YHA was quite brilliant. Small, homely and a great common area.

After discovering that Newcastle has some sort of a ban on shots in it's nightlife, we continued drinking beer and polished off a bottle of vodka before going to bed.

At some point (or so I'm told) Tim and myself had a bit of a wrestle but, Nathaniel put all of that to a halt by shouting at us, telling us to go to sleep. Resulting me into distancing myself from Tim's candidacy for governor.

Roads frequently traveled

We've had a lot of fun on the road towards Byron Bay. Just take four lads, a car, a shit load of bags, a chicken Elmo, Sean's shoe and a camera and hilarity will indeed ensue.

As we arrived in Byron Bay, people were more than happy to see us. Because we're awesome but, also because we lightened the awkward situation that had created itself on the camp sight, while we were still en-route.


Next episode on Monday!

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