Snowboarding makes people wet

November 30, 2010
Australia, Victoria, Mt. Baw Baw
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After an amazing day on Mt. Buller, snow-related-activities-pseudo-team leader Pete organised for us to go to another snowy mountain in Victoria: Mt. Baw Baw. Although I was convinced he was mistaken about the name, I got corrected pretty fast, being reminded that most thing in this country have an.... interesting name.

Where Mt. Buller was just Pete, Laura and myself, our trip to Mt. Baw Baw consisted of a little more people. Mostly (in alphabetical order, as to avoid people thinking I like some people over other people): Andrew, Dan, Ebony, Jenny, Pete, Shaun, Skyler and myself. You would say that more people equal more fun, of course it also equals more bitching, moaning and organisation.

If it weren't for the massive amount of rain that soaked everyone down to the bare essentials, it would have been a fantastic day. Well, that's a lie... for me it was a pretty good day, despite the rain and again... being soaked. This opinion is shared by the relative majority of the group. I use to word "relative" because it really depends who you ask. Poor rookie snowboarder Ebony was not so much amused. In her defence, she's a surfer, so... snow and ice (and rain and cold) is not exactly the same fun as sun and sea. Also there's this whole leaning forward vs. not doing that situation.

A day in the snow and rain... some beers afterwards... oh and I believe I even went to see Twelve Foot Ninja after all of this, on the same day. Awesome band. That's not so much in the video though. Thought I'd mention it anyway.

Next entry and video will follow shortly this week!


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