Swanky Public Holiday and beaching Brighton

April 20, 2011
Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
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There's something you should know about Melbourne; there's always something going down. I can not imagine spending a week in Melbourne without something happening. Be it a organised festival, an amazing gig, or an exhibition breaking records, there will always be something.

To prove this very fact, and to prove that sports are an important part of both Australian and Melbourne cultures; November 2nd is a public holiday in Melbourne. A public holiday to watch horse races, how awesome is that? The Melbourne Cup Carnival embodies the spirit, showing that Melbourne is indeed the place to be. Taking something as simple as horse racing and classing it up to the max. Everywhere you look, people in their most fancy dress, drunk of their face. In the pubs, in the streets and of course on the racecourse, Melburnians know how to throw a classy holiday.

And we're off

Dressed up and ready to roll, we headed off to the pub as well. We might have hit a few snags on the way (several pubs were shut - go figure) but, eventually ended up seated, with drinks, a newspaper to check the odds and a TV.

What pub we stayed at exactly is not relevant (I'm kind of embarrassed about it), the only thing that matters is that we managed to sit and watch the races. Just before the big race started we made a small expedition to the nearest TAB and put some bets on. This of course resulting in me losing practically all of them.

In a fluke coincidence, a horse named Americain won the Melbourne Cup. Funnily enough, our resident Americans (Val and Ed) picked this horse and won a bundle. I both hate and applaud them for this.

The day was concluded with some more drinks in a lot classier pubs (Section 8 being one of those) followed by the after drink Macca's. As you all know, having some Macca's is absolutely essential after a long day of drinking and being dressed up. Many awkward conversations took place, and I managed to make a fool out of myself by eating a gigantuous amount of fries, which Tim labeled "the best fries in the world". The latter two being caught on film indeed but, not included in the video you can see above as they are very inappropriate. Maybe they'll end up on the DVD extras.

Beaching Brighton

To lighten the mood with something more pleasant than drunken rants in McDonald's the second part of this adventure covers a little trip to Brighton Beach. Turns out… not the best beach ever, it's right next to a road and there's shells every freaking where.

But! Nat brought the Aerobie Pro and we were well on our way to losing it in the sea. It is quite an awesome frisbee, I have to admit. Though I may have pretended to be handicapped in my throwing by the Flip camera in my other hand, I really suck at throwing a frisbee. It's okay, I make up for it with many other quality features, such as a constant supply of sarcasm.

We wrapped up our Brighton Beach day by finding the best three jellyfish you've ever seen. They might not look special to you but, to me, Britney, Trevor and Jonathan are by far the greatest.


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