Tim Burton, ACMI, Stephen Fry, rambling and delays

August 16, 2010
Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
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Many days have indeed passed since I've last written an entry, or even uploaded a new video. By now part 2 and part 3 of the Great Ocean Road Trip videos are also available on YouTube. They don't have a separate page here on Just Like Ed, as they are simply an extension of the first article. If you haven't watched them, go do that now, then come back here and continue reading. Or not.

This entry is accompanied by the 10th video for the Just Like Ed Adventures. It's taken a while but, I've reached this little milestone with a staggering anticlimax that will leave you so unsatisfied you'd better start ringing the pool boy to finish the job. I haven't been doing a lot of things that make good video and also things that made good video but, aren't exactly suitable for a YouTube audience. Either way, there was a distinct lack of usable footage, which resulted in this video being delayed a lot and being quite random.

Tim Burton

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is hosting the Tim Burton Exhibition here in Melbourne and it's pretty awesome. So awesome I went to see it twice. Along with the more recent and more known works of Tim Burton, the exchibition also displayed a lot of his early work, concepts, drawings, school works and such. His early work and his random doodles are great fun to see, it really shows you how messed up Tim Burton is in the head. Messed up or not, he does make good stuff.

In the video you will see footage of my first visit, although due to camera restrictions there is no actual footage for inside of the exhibition. Well, there is, but it's not uploaded to YouTube, it's uploaded to this secret location. Hopefully it won't get me sued.

History of the Moving Image

The Tim Burton exhibition was not free but, right next to it was the free exhibition on the history of the moving image. After seeing the Tim Burton exhibition we (Tony and I) went in and checked it out. A very entertaining and interactive exhibition. Lots of stuff to touch and play with as well as seeing cool visual effects and how they are done.

The exhibition included tons of props and material used in movies, TV series and the like both Australian and not. I did not get any pictures of this exhibition as my photo camera is still broken. There is quite some video material though.

Stephen Fry

On the 31st of June, Stephen Fry made an appearance in Melbourne. He was scheduled for an interview-typed-deal at the Sydney Opera house on the 27th but, due to populair demand (read: a Facebook group called Dear Stephen Fry please come to Melbourne in July, not just Sydney) Stephen decided to appear in Melbourne as well! Not so much in the interview-typed-deal but simply in the format of Stephen being on stage and sharing his brilliant, clever, charming and witty thoughts with us.

He discussed many things, mainly focussing on things that start with W, such as (Oscar) Wilde, Writing and the Web. This all of course not without plenty of wit, personal stories and making fun of the Australian culture, from and Englishman's point of view. The accent and 'that other rugby' seem to make an easy target.

Even though I was sitting miles away from the stage and the tickets being bloody expensive, I really enjoyed it. The theatre has a no camera policy, much like the ACMI, which in this event I took a little more seriously, so no, there really is no footage of Stephen Fry on stage. Here's a consolation picture made by someone else, very sneaky.

Melbourne, or... 

Oh god, why am I still in Melbourne? An awkward situation arrises every so often when former guests comes back to visit the Greenhouse and find me still here and ask me why the hell I haven't moved. I've mentioned it so many times and I'll mention it again now, I just like Melbourne a lot. Even on a quiet day there's something to or somewhere to go and I think I haven't even gotten half of anything done.

Non the less, I do fully intent to travel more around Australia, I'll be leaving Melbourne soon on my way to Cairns, with everything in between on the way. Making sure I don't get caught in the middle of the wet season.

Up next

Bathroom and floor tiiiiles.

As you may see, or as you might be seeing in a few moments, there's a little preview of the next video in this video. This is footage of a little road trip I did with Pete and Laura on the 7th of August. You'll have to wait till next entry and video to hear the fine details about this. Isn't waiting exciting? The next entry and video will be up shortly though, by this time next week. I promise.

After that one, another one might appear quite shortly after that, seeing as I did another road trip last weekend (14th of August). This road trip was a second look at the Great Ocean Road but, this time with Pete and Camilla and in one day instead of two. Plus: 100% more Koala on this trip! Also about 50% more dead Kangaroo but, that's a technicality.

Till next time!

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