Western Australia Road Trip - Part 1

August 11, 2011
Australia, Western Australia, Jurien Bay
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With the rainy and stormy East Coast far behind us and the taste for sunshine well developed, Tim, Yves, Pete and myself embark on a 15 day road trip up the West Coast of Australia.

Having just completed a little road trip down the South Western parts of W.A. we now take our camper van, darlingly named Bonnie, for a spin up to Exmouth.

Off we go

And thus we embark, onwards from the City of Perth, accompanied only by our valiant steed, Bonnie and hope! Of course we also had an amazing amount of luggage, some snacks and a few beers. The latter being well refrigerated, of course, in Bonnie's fully equipped aft galley.

Our first stop was only a couple'a dozen kilometers out of Peth but, fairly "in the middle-of-nowhere" plus, we'd run low on petrol. Welcomed by a windmill you'd expect to see in an old American Western movie and... emus.

Dangerous... vicious... emus. Well, maybe... I'm not sure, they were behind a fence and seemed to keep their terrifying noises to a minimum level. Such a low level in fact that Yves had to substitute for them in the video.

Climbing the pinnacles

Don't worry your pretty little head about this one, nobody actually climbed the pinnacles. They were simply not high enough to pose any form of a challenge and thus, the idea was dropped.

Ignoring the non-challenging aspect of the pinnacles at Nambung National Park for a second, they were impressive indeed. Always awesome to see how nature forms such seemingly unlikely shapes in the most random of places. And hundreds, if not thousands of them, even.

They made for some good pictures, an average game of hide-and-seek, and plenty of quality phallic references.

Roughing it with the camper van

Just a little north of Nambung National Park (please note, I use "little" in the context of Australian distances) is Jurien Bay. Jurien Bay made our first overnight stop. While swiftly losing day light, a challenge remained: setting up the tent. In hindsight, we should've investigated the inner workings of the tent in broad day light, but, alas. With the accompaniment of a little wind and fading day light, we still managed to get the tent up. To be honest, I was a little too busy filming the whole ordeal and pointing at things ("I believe that goes in there!") to actually make it count as "helping"... but... Tim, Yves and Pete did a great job.

Using the tent's lines, we secured it (very professionally) to a tree and a helpless little bush and got settled for the night. As an extra security measure, we put our bags in the front tent to weigh everything down... quite effective.

With the table out back, dinner on the go and Yves playing guitar, the sun vanished behind the horizon on day 1 of our Western Australia Road Trip.

Starting day 2

Day 2 started marvellously with us abusing the bouncy pillow and eating a healthy brekky. But, mostly abusing the bouncy pillow. World champion, award winning Tim Reeves of course taking the lead with the points for style and showmanship.

After the bouncing got boring, we packed up the camper van and set off again. Heading more north, up the West Coast of Australia!

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