Working the tan and of to Byron!

December 17, 2010
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Last entry before I leave for Byron Bay. I attempted to push all videos online before I left but, alas... I have so much raw material I haven't been able to edit and upload all of it.

This entry is about a little trip to South Melbourne Beach. After cooking the Big Breakfast and being covered in bacon I decided that the good weather should be used for good and not evil. Seeing as some of us were to hung over to go into work anyway.... to the beach!

With the exception of the quick visit to St. Kilda beach, this was the first proper day out to the beach for me in Australia. After Eb telling me how much better South Melbourne is (v.s. St. Kilda) we decided to check it out. And she was right (of course)... South Melbourne Beach is miles better than St. Kilda Beach.

We played around in the ocean, did a bit of a swim, handled some dead fish, bathed in some fun and ate some fish and chips. What more could you want out of a day? Seeing as we were almost the only people on the beach that day, we managed to do quite well.


As I mentioned before, this is my last entry before Byron Bay. I have covered everything from my arrival to day 159 (October 21, 2010) in Australia. Between day 159 and today (day 216) loads obviously happened... I have videos of all of that! Don't worry! And they are coming!

I will upload these videos as soon as I can but, I expect this to happen in the new year. Seeing as we're in a tent in Byron Bay, I don't expect to do a whole lot of laptop business.

There's 7 more videos coming and they cover (in order): Phillip Island, Melbourne Night Races, Halloween, Melbourne Cup Day, Brighton Beach and an insight to my Pancake Sundays.

I wish you all a merry christmas and see you in the new year!

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