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Current version:
Status: Open for University students

About this project

Goodnight started out as an alternative to my university's centralized course management system. This system unfortunatly did not provide students with adiquate space to collaboratie and manage their projects and files. My mission was to build on top of the existing system and amend it with the functionality that we desired as students.

The initial version was quite simple, especially when compared to the current version. With a simple interface that could be accessed through the university's system, it allowed students to create projects, assign tasks to one and other, share files and discuss project progress. In a matter of weeks all students from the course were using the system.

Over the summer break of 2008, I created the second version of Goodnight. Completely redesigned to allow students to work on their projects and collaborate files and discussion with even greater ease. Using the existing university's system's authentication API, Goodnight was able to authenticate all students without any further registration. The number of students that used Goodnight grew exponentially ever since.

Future of Goodnight

Even now, I am graduated and no longer a student at my university, Goodnight continues to run. The next milestone version will be launched within a few months, opening up Goodnight to the public and adding a complete business suite of functionality. While the primary focus of Goodnight remains project management and collaboration, other business essentials (such as HRM, CRM, document management, resource management and cost management) will join Goodnight's front-line.

Open to the public, every university and organisation can start using Goodnight. Each with a private environment that can be customised to the exact method of operation of the respective university or organisation.

Photos, videos and other media

  • Login screen
  • User Dashboard
  • Task Screen


Goodnight is one of my personal projects. It was designed and developed entirely by me.

Technical information

Server-side technology:
C++ and PHP

Database technology:
MySQL and SQLite