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Current version: 1.1.2
Status: Retired

About this project

Richard Sparrow created the PSPInstaller, a software repository system that enables users to easily download and install software on their Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). 

The software repositories are currently hosted in a central location but, can also be set up as a decentralised system. The PSPInstaller keeps track of the software repositories, as all repositories announce their existence to a master list.

Managing the repositories

To manage the software in the various repositories, Richard enlisted me to design and develop a management system, called the RepoPrep. The RepoPrep system comes with an upload panel which is integrated into the PSPInstaller website, which developers can use to add their software to one of the repositories.

RepoPrep queues all incoming uploads for assessment by an administrator. An administrator can easily keep track of all software pending approval, from in RepoPrep files overview. After checking all aspects of the software, the administrator can approve or deny the software. Before approving and even after, the administrator also retains the ability to change the software's name, description and other attributes.

After the software has been approved, it will be visible and available for download through the PSPInstaller.

Developer levels

Developers that upload their software can do so as a guest (without logging in) by simply providing their name and email address. In addition to that they can choose to register with a specific repo to keep track of their software after uploading. Developers can see whether or not their software has been approved and how often it has been downloaded.

For developers that contribute frequently, administrators have an option to award them with the "trusted" status. This status allows them to skip the initial approval queue if their software meets all technical specifications. The RepoPrep system detects for these specifications upon uploading.

Issue reporting

In the PSPInstaller, every software item has the option to report any problems with it's use. These problems are reported to the RepoPrep responsable for that software item and pop up on the dashboard and file pages. Administrators can read and respond to these issue and deceide to remove the software from the repo or to dismiss the issue reports.

Photos, videos and other media

  • RepoPrep Dashboard
  • RepoPrep File Overview
  • RepoPrep File Details
  • RepoPrep Download Stats
  • RepoPrep Embedded Upload Panel [1/2]
  • RepoPrep Embedded Upload Panel [2/2]


My role:
My role in this project was programming the frond-end and the back-end of the RepoPrep system.

Project owner:
Richard Sparrow

Technical information

Server-side technology:

Database technology:

Intermediate communication:
LUA Code over HTTP