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Current version: 3.1
Status: Online
Project website: Sokoban Online

About this project

Sokoban Online is an online version of the classic puzzle game Sokoban, which was also released for the Nintendo Gameboy as "Boxxle". Sokoban Online brings all features of Sokoban and more to the web for anyone to play and enjoy!

The Sokoban Online Community allows all of it's members to design their own Sokoban puzzles and publish them to the community for other members to play and solve.

In addition to the ability to create your owns puzzles, the amount of steps and completion time of all members is tracked and recorded in the database. All this data leads into a score board which keeps track of both personal and puzzle records. Everything is updated instantaneously. The moment anyone solves a puzzle, the score in time and steps will be added to the database.

Modern Puzzles

Sokoban Online extends the traditional Sokoban game with new modern elements. These include differently coloured boxes, ice floor tiles, doors and much more. Adding more diversity and complexity and challenging people to rethink their Sokoban strategies.

These modern puzzles are compliment to the normal, classic, Sokoban puzzles.

Short history and future

Originally launched back in March 25, 2008, Sokoban Online has come a long way. Back then the puzzle player and the builder builder were played with Adobe Flash Player and we had around a 1,000 puzzles.

Today, Sokoban Online uses HTML5 for it's front-end to ensure compatibility and playability throughout, regardless of your system and making it future ready.

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Photos, videos and other media

  • Homepage
  • Puzzle Pack Overview
  • Playing a Modern Puzzle
  • Building a Modern Puzzle


My role:
My role is programming and maintainting the back-end system and the frond-end.

Project owner:
Uphill Studio 

Graphic design:
The overall graphic layout was designed by Uphill Studio.

Technical information

Front-end technology:
HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, Graphics, 3D & Effects, Multimedia, Performance & Integration, and Semantics

Server-side technology:
PHP, C++, NodeJS

Database technology: